Positive Behavior

Intervention System

The Positive Behavior Intervention and Support (PBIS) Program began in 2009, with the goal of developing and rewarding “positive” behaviors throughout our school and community. Central objectives for the PBIS Team are to “Be Responsible”, “Be Respectful”, and “Be Safe”. We teach these positive expectations on the bus, in the classroom, hallway, gym, library, restrooms, and lunch room. The ultimate goal is for students to transfer these learned positive behaviors into the community and create a positive environment for everyone to live. At the end of each nine weeks, a celebration is held to reward our students for excellent behavior.

In 2011, the Olweus Bullying Program was introduced and incorporated into our PBIS Program. Every Monday specific bullying lessons are presented to all students. These activities focus on understanding bullying dynamics by students participating in hands-on scenarios and class discussions. Guided group/partner instruction is organized and designed to help students cooperatively develop alternative solutions for dealing with diverse differences.

Our PBIS/Olweus Bullying Program is a valuable tool. We continually monitor and analyze information gathered from the program. The SWIS (School Wide Information System) data gives enormous insight into particular areas that are successful and alert us to areas that need addressing. The classroom activities provide useful feedback that helps students understand and accept that we are different in our philosophy, but the same in human needs to feel wanted, accepted, and loved.

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