Portland West Middle School


 Unity Guest Speaker from WKU

WKU Presenter at Unity 41922

  football team win 2
little library outside school glow party 2021 greenhouse plants
 102121 cooper visit1  academic team  championhip pic
 6th grade science  6th grade science sims class  7th grade artits in ss
6th graders helping with STEM 6th grade EDP 6th grade ela smart goals

6th Grade ELA 

6th grade ela b 

6th grade math 
 6th grade science a  6th_grade_science_b.jpg 7th grade science 


Mr. Massey Christmas               Administrators' Christmas Pic

massey at christmas 121621   admin christmas pic 121621

Staffulty Christmas Pic 2021

staffulty christmas pic 121621

Glow Party Pics (Oct. 30th)

Breaking OUT of the Library with some Graphing Skills!!!

breakout 1  breakout 2

breakout 3  breakout 4

Guest Reader in the Library!

102121  102121 cooper visit1

102121 cooper visit2  102121 cooper visit3

FCA Speaker Jason Hargrove (11.10.21)              FCA Speaker Chad Dunning from Strongtower Church (12.15.21)

 111021  chad dunning strong tower church 121521


Generation Church Helping with Library Mural:                Tabletop Club:   

 mural 2           91521 b