Portland West Middle School


sponsored by Mrs. Choate, Mrs. Felts, Ms. Smith

 The tabletop club is all about having fun, meeting new friends, and learning how to be a good sport! Through many generous game donations, the Tabletop Club has tons of great board and card games, as well as Legos and origami. We meet every other Wednesday from 3-4pm in the library. Students should have a ride home at 4pm. See below for the schedule through May 2022.

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Spring 2022 Schedule

Wednesday, 2/9

Wednesday, 2/23

Wednesday, 3/9

Wednesday, 3/23

Wednesday, 4/6

Wednesday, 4/20

Wednesday, 5/4 (Last Meeting of the School Year)

NOTE: Missed meetings will NOT be madeup. If school closes on a Tabletop Club day, then plan to meet again on the next scheduled day listed above.