Portland West Middle School

Student Rules:

Smiley Face   Be responsible: Return books on time. Use the library wisely. Take care of materials. Come to library prepared.

Smiley Face   Be respectful: Keep your hands, feet, and all items to yourself.  Don't disturb others who are working. Use a quiet voice in the library.

Smiley Face   Be safe:  The speed limit is walking. Keep chairs flat on the floor at all times.


Student Check-Out Policies/Procedures:

Smiley Face   Sixth grade students may check out one book and keep it for two weeks. Seventh and eighth grade students may check out 2 books at a time.

Smiley Face   This library does NOT charge fines for late books; however, lost or damaged books must be compensated for either through the Read to Succeed Program or payment.

Smiley Face   If you have a problem with a book (lost or damaged) come to the library immediately and let Ms. Smith know.

Smiley Face   Only Honor Books may be checked out as long as a student has a lost or damaged item.  Check with Ms. Smith if you are in this situation so she can help you work out a solution.